Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Swanson Legacy Chapters

Note: I do not endorse racism or any kind of discrimination that I used particular bad words for storytelling purposes. I will also at a point soon talk about mental health in a bit more detail. I kind of glossed over it in reference to the Residential school project (Gen 3's aunt) and Gen 3 herself in the "Friends" or "I'll be there for you" chapter.

Gen 1
Prologue Part 1 The  Begging
Prologue Part 2: The Visits
1.1 Golden Streets of Windenburg
1.2 Love&Marriage
1.3 Toddlers
1.4 Molly's Problem
1.5 Too Busy to Write
Interlude: Close Call

Gen 2: racism
2.1 Molly's Extra Chores
2.2 Carly in Love
Interlude: Not Important
2.4 Carly's Misery
2.5 Changes in the Swanson Household
2.6. Mirror of Memories 
2.7 Surprises 
2.8 Camping
Interlude: Mystery&Court
2.9 Wedding and Rival Clubs
2.10 Carly's Soulmate
2.11 Step into Adventure
2.12 Jacob's Story
Interlude: Sword Useless!!
2.13 Jacob;'s Help
2.14 Whispers in the Night
Interlude Cr**ker
2.15 Supper disaster
2.16 Wedding and a Fire
2.17 Another fire and Babies
Interlude: Toddlers

Gen 3: 

3.1 Bullying
3.2 More Bullying and a history project
3.3 Isolation Part 1
3.4 Isolation Part 2

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